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See a certified US DOT FMCSA Medical Examiner (AKA Certified DOT Doctor) to get a DOT Physical Examination perofrmed.

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30 minutes later-  Qualified drivers receive a Medical Examiner's Certificate to present to DMV, employer and for the walllet.

Complete the driver medical history portion of the DOT Medical Examination Form, sign and date.  We provide all the forms you will need.

A complete DOT Physical Exam will be perofrmed including tests for vision, hearing and urine.


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"Thank you for taking care of my DOT exam this weekend.  I will be sure to tell other drivers and business associates about your practice.  As we discussed, there seems to be a shortage of examiners capable of handling all the regulations that are part of the CDL.  Your office is efficient and profesional, all drivers can benefit from a service like yours.  I will reccomend your office strongly.  Thanks again."

R.  Griffon


"Hey doc, I just want to thank yoy for performing the DOT Medical Exam on me.  Your expertise and professionalism speaks volumes.  I certainly will refer you to whoever needs a DOT Medical Exam.  Again I thank you and I will see you in 2 years."

J.S.W. Queens, N.Y.


John Smith

A DOT (Department of Transportation) physical examination is performed at least every 2 years for commercial drivers operating vehicles weighing 10,001 lbs or more.  Commercial Driver License      (CDL) holders, Non-CDL holders, and Commercial License Permit (CLP) holders who drive in Non-Excepted status are required to have this type of physical examination.  If you drive certain vehicles that require placarding or transport 16 or more passengers (including the driver) or 9-15 passengers for compensation 75 miles or more from

your normal work station, you are required to have a physical.


The DOT physical examination is required to be performed by a medical examiner trained and certified in US DOT FMCSA medical standards.  The examination normally takes about 1/2 hour to be completed, unless the driver has certain medical conditions that require further investigation.