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See a certified US DOT FMCSA Medical Examiner (AKA Certified DOT Doctor) to get a DOT Physical Examination perofrmed.

Call 347-475-1715 to book your exam now!

30 minutes later-  Qualified drivers receive a Medical Examiner's Certificate to present to DMV, employer and for the walllet.

Complete the driver medical history portion of the DOT Medical Examination Form, sign and date.  We provide all the forms you will need.

A complete DOT Physical Exam will be perofrmed including tests for vision, hearing and urine.


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Tel.  347-475-1715


  • Very inexpensive and competitive rates for DOT physical exams ($65.00).  Includes urine dipstick test.

  • Convenient late night and weekend scheduling including holidays.  Why miss work just to get a physical?  We know how important your physical is, but who doesn't want to save time and money, even if your comapny is paying for it.  So come after work or on the weekends on your way to the mall or beach instead.

  • All paper work provided including Medical Examiner's Certificate to carry with you and for DMV, and your employer.  Free lamination for your wallet DOT card.

  • No additional charge for follow up exams ( i.e. drivers who need blood pressure checks, additional testing or to review additional medical documentation).

  • Location is convenient for parking even for tractor trailers.





  • Your DOT physical examination will be performed by experienced and certified medical examiners listed in the National Registry (NRCME) and US DOT FMCSA approved.

  • Medical Examiners are Board Certified medical doctors who regularly care for sick or injured individuals and understand your overall health needs.

  • Emphasis on driver health and injury prevention to keep you working safely.  Driver education is a big part of the care you will receive from us.

  • Able to help drivers with complex and multiple medical conditions navigate through the rules and regulations of the FMCSA to obtain their DOT medical card and to stay in compliance.  If you work with us, we will take the worry out of DOT medical certiication for you.

  • We also educate and help other doctors and medical examiners with the rules and regulations of the DOT medical certification process.



Why us?


The Department of Transportation (DOT) physical examination is required for most commercial truck drivers, bus drivers, and school bus drivers operating in both Interstate and Intrastate commerce unless they are operating in an Exempted status.  As per New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, if you are an Exempted driver you do not need to get a DOT physical when operating only in the following situations:  If you work for Federal, State or Local Government; If you only transport children and or school staff between home and school; During emergencies if you drive a fire truck or rescue vehicle or transport propane or in response to pipeline emergencies; If you are a private motor carrier of passengers for non-business purposes; If you transport migrant workers; If you are a bee keeper or under certain circumstances as a farmer (please see NYS DMV website for more information); If you transport human corpse or sick or injured persons; and finally under certain circumstances if you obtained your NYS CDL prior to September 9, 1999.  If none of the circumstances mentioned here applies to you then you operate in Non-Excepted driving and you NEED to get DOT Physical Examination.